On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali Akbar (as) a thousand young couple from Mazandaran province is one of the charities supported by the country, began their married life.

Fars news agency reported from Surrey, Surrey pious martyr Stadium on Saturday night in addition to the wedding couple thousand Mazandaran, control officials, artists and citizens, especially young people Saravi the partner happy brides and grooms were young.
MB NOBAKHT vice president for business trip in Mazandaran was present, along with the governor of Mazandaran and his delegation, took part in this spiritual feast and the President, to equip dowry the young couples, aid should be considered.
* Khyran leadership in helping fellow mazandarani

Flahjlvdar Rabi said: Khyran mazandarani help in all areas of social issues to cultural and Construction, leading our region at the top of this country.

* Collaborate more than 110 thousand philanthropist with a cascade of emotion in the country

MJ NGO Cascade Steel announced that affection, 230 branches, adding more than 110 thousand philanthropist cooperate with the agency throughout the country.
He said that in 93 years, thanks to the waterfall of emotion, more than four thousand people in the country of employment support services for the benefit of the institution and the government were excluded from the basket.
in other parts of the countries.
National Director waterfall of emotion in the end said in 93 years, providing a dowry five thousand young couple was in this institution Khyran with the support of the institutions, the dowry eight thousand people were on the agenda.
According to Fars, Mazandaran couple thousand weddings as well as holding various programs and invited the public happy and pious martyr Sari was held in the stadium.

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